At Lust in Rio, we dream of a better world!
And we are committed to making a difference.
Our efforts include:

Every step we take is towards a healthier planet. We embrace the environmental cause with passion.

Social Causes
Our hearts beat alongside those who dedicate their lives to social causes.
We support local associations, so together we can transform lives.

Animal Protection
We are advocates for all forms of life, ensuring that animals receive love and care.

Inclusive Culture
We celebrate diversity with all that we are. Here, there is no room for judgment.

Support for Arts and Culture
We believe that art and culture are essential for society. We support projects that inspire and enrich lives.

Women’s Empowerment
We believe in gender equality and equal opportunities. We work to empower women to shine in their fullest potential.

If you have a project aligned with our values, please contact us at geral@lustinrio.pt.
We can support your initiative.

Together, we make a difference!

Together, we create a better world!


Lust In Rio: Lisbon nightclub stops serving drinks in plastic cups
Straws will also be replaced with more environmentally friendly materials.
Red-flowering eucalyptus – a rare tree to see along the Tagus River
There are only around 100 specimens identified in Portugal, which is why it is considered a rare species. This is not classified and is therefore at permanent risk.
Meet Joana Reis
Businesswoman and member of the restaurant-club Envy, which belongs to the Lust in Rio group.
G-Shock celebra 40 anos
With 4 days of party open to the public at Lust in Rio
EcoFrog Avatar
With the exclusive Ozone technology in water, Avatar, allows you to wash clothes and all surfaces in your home or business, saving 90% on detergents, chemicals or toxic chemicals.